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Culinary History Timeline
social history, manners & menus

---Religious food practices
---History of Eating Utensils, from the Anthropology Dept. at the California Academy of Scientists
---New Perspectives on Agricultural Origins in the Ancient Near East, Smithsonian Institution

---5th millenium BC, Egypt---agriculture & animals
---100-500AD, Egypt---Feeding Karanis
---Ancient Mayas---Farming, hunting & domesticated animals
---900-1600 Europe & the Middle East:
------A Boke of Gode Cookery, medieval & renaissance customs and cuisine
------Cariadoc's Miscellany, European & Islamic cultures 13th-17th centuries
------Cindy Renfrow's Links Page
------Medieval/Renaissance Food Homepage
------Welcome to Le Poulet Gauche, French dining customs (see Tavern Life)
---16th-20th centuries, London---London Eats Out, from the Museum of London
---1585, North Carolina---Indian food and cooking in eastern North Carolina
---17th century, Louisiana---Creole and Cajun Cookery
---1610, Virginia---What did the colonists eat?
---1633, London---Herball or General Historie of Plantes, John Gerard
---18th century, Europe---At Table: High Style in the 18th Century
---1707, London---Fortnum & Mason, food proprieters
---1744, Virginia---George Washington's Rules of Civility
---1773, Boston---Boston Tea Party
---1776-1931---An American Feast: Food, Dining and Entertainment in the United States
---1777, Pennsylvania---Valley Forge Commissariat
---19th century---Origins of Modern Vegetarianism and Famous Vegetarians
---19th century, U. S.---Condiments of the Early 19th Century, description & recipes
---1800, Maine---Lobstering then and now
---1815, Virginia---Breakfast & Dinner at Jefferson's Monticello
---1826, Boston---Union Oyster House menu, compare to today's dinner menu
---1830, Indiana---Dietary patterns of the Early Midwest
---1840, England---Afternoon tea, custom attributed to Anna, 7th Duchess of Bedford
---1840, pioneers---Food on the Oregon Trail, supplies & cooking methods
---1840, South Carolina---Rice Planter Lifestyle, The Rice Museum
---1850, Monterey, CA---Cannery Row
---1859, Walden Pond, Massachusetts---Wild Fruits, Henry David Thoreau
---1860, South Carolina---Collapse of the Georgetown Rice Culture, The Rice Museum
---1861, Civil War---Feeding Billy Yank
---1862, Cariboo Gold Rush, British Columbia---General store
---1866, Washington, D.C.---White House Easter Egg Roll, family tradition of president Andrew Johnson
---1870s, Coney Island NY---Feltman's, Stauch's & Nathan's
---1876, Railroad expansion---Fred Harvey Houses, the first fast food restaurants
---1876, Boston---Women's Laboratory, Massachusetts Institutue of Technology
---1890, U.S.---Menu for a Christmas Dinner, Godey's Ladies Book
---1891, New Mexico---Dinner menu, The Montezuma, Hot Springs
---1891, Century Magazine,(Nov., pps 101-112)---The Food-Supply of the Future, W. O. Atwater
---1892, Texas---Thanksgiving menu, Brackenridge Hall, University of Austin
---1892, Mitchell, South Dakota---The Corn Palace
---1893, Chicago---Rumford Kitchen, World's Columbian Exposition
---1896, American dining customs and table manners, Youth's Educator for Home and Society
---1896, Fannie Farmer's Guidelines for a Full Course Menu
---1897, Russia---The Tsar's Table, Nicholas II
---1898, Chilkoot Trail, Yukon---Gold miner's supply list
---1900-2000, U.S. --Decade menus
------Decade recipes from Bon Appetit
------Century of Food, Columbus Dispatch
------Century's Best, Houston Chronicle
---1900, New York City---Menus from Louis Sherry, The Plaza Hotel, Haan's, Child's Lunchrooms, and The Cooper Lunch Counter
---1900, California---San Dimas Lemon Association
---1902, Philadelphia---Horn & Hardart's first automat
---1906, Japan---The Book of Tea, Kakuzo Okakura
---1906, Wilmington Delaware---Longwood Garden Parties hosted by Pierre S. duPont
---1906, New York City---The New York Pushcart: Recommendations of the Mayor's Commission and Manufacturing of Foods in the Tenements
---1909, U.S.---Good Housekeeping Seal, issued by the Good Housekeeping Institute
---1909, U.S.---Advertisement for Deviled meats from the Wm. Underwood Company
---1912, U.K.---Titanic dinner menus, first and second class
---1916, Memphis Tennessee---Piggly Wiggly, America's first self-service grocery store opens
---1916, World War I---Baking bread in the WWI Army
---1917, World War I---Army Operational Rations, U.S. standard issue
---1922, Emily Post---Etiquette, guidelines for entertaining
---1922, Caledonia New York---Annual Pig Roast Dinner, menu & music
---1931, Irma Rombauer's---Joy of Cooking
---1939, New York City---World's Fair Belgian Restaurant menu
---1939, England---Meals on Wheels, a tradition of serving our seniors
---1942, WWII---Wartime Housekeeping on Wheels, New York Central Railroad
---1942, Puyallup, WA---Camp Harmony, Japanese Relocation Center
---1942, U.S. Navy---Christmas Dinner, U.S. Navy Recieving Station, Boston MA
---1944, WWII---Army kitchen trucks & Thanksgiving menu
---1945, United Nations---Food and Agriculture Organization is founded
---1951, U.S. Army---Field messing in forward areas
---1953, Korean War---United Nations soldier food service
---1955, Des Plaines, IL---McDonald's restaurant opened with this menu
---1956, Alcatraz---Dining room rules, inmate regulation #33
---1960---Space Food from NASA
---1961, Julia Child's---Mastering the Art of French Cooking
---1965, Vietnam---Thanksgiving Day Menu, "A" Co.
---1979, U.S.---America's Second Harvest, connecting food with hungry people
---1986, Paul Prudhomme's--- Louisiana Kitchen
---1996, U.S.---What do Americans Eat?, U.S. Agriculture Fact Book 1998
---1998, Antarctica---Thanksgiving at McMurdo
---1999, New Mexico---Boy Scouts of America's Philmont Trail Menu, hiking menus to order
---1999, Minnesota---State Fair food How much can people cook?
---2000, Sydney---Olympic food
------What Olympic Athletes Eat
------1996, Atlanta---Feeding Olympic Athletes
------1996, Atlanta---Let the Feast Begin!
------2000, Sydney---Fact sheets on food
------2000, Sydney---262,000 loaves and tonnes of fishes
------2000, Sydney---McDonald's Olympic Menu
------2002, Salt Lake City---Specialty Chef program
---2001, New York City---Hope for Abundance is the theme for this New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square

Thanks to the Morris County Library, NJ for all of their hard work in compiling this information.

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